Social Media Advertising and Product Development for an Online Lending Platform in India

This project team researched alternative banking strategies while in Hangzhou, China to
assist Qianli Technologies and Onion Credit, Qianli’s partner in India. Our goal was to create
recommendations for future loan products and social media advertising for an online lending
platform in India. The team achieved this through interviews, a competitor analysis, online
surveys of current and potential customers, and a social media platform analysis. The
investigation showed that the surveyed users and university students prefer loans of a longer term
and larger amount than Onion Credit’s platform currently offers. From the survey results and a
social media platform analysis, we determined that Facebook and Instagram provide the best
opportunities for an efficient future marketing campaign.

Analytical Approaches to Improve the Defensive Asylum Process at the United States Southern Border

This Major Qualifying Project encompasses an analysis of the United States defensive
asylum process with the goal of providing information to assist decision makers for immigration
policy. Currently, there are over one million pending immigration cases that include asylum
seekers who are waiting for a hearing. Using data analysis, queuing theory, simulation,
optimization, and regression analysis, the team developed a web-based tool with the purpose of
aiding in resource allocation at the United States southern border. The results show a relationship
between the independent variables: number of judges, interarrival time, and initial queue size, and
the dependent variables: average waiting time and average queue size. The web tool takes these
relationships and user input data to output a sector-by-sector allocation of judicial resources to
minimize time in system, queue size, and costs.